SAHIVO, S.A. has been designing, manufacturing and setting up technology for the livestock equipment sector for almost 60 years. Over the years, our R&D department has developed different equipment and systems to improve livestock production, and is currently one of the leading companies in the sector. 
Through our technical department, we study each of the problems and needs raised by our customers individually and we try to solve them in order to improve the operation and its results.
As we manufacture most of our equipment ourselves, we adapt to the needs of our customers. 
SAHIVO, S.A. has been carrying out installations for both white pigs and Iberian pigs, adapting the equipment to the particularities of each of the sub-sectors, both in terms of space design and feeding systems.

Our extensive range of products and accessories includes the following:    
  • Farm equipment, accessories and farm tooling.
  • Air-conditioning and conditioning of facilities.
  • Feed distribution systems. 
  • Dry feed: MULTI-PHASE and MULTI-DOSE
  • Wet feed (soup): MULTI-RATION
  • Liquid feeding distribution systems (soups).
  • Equipment for feed production plants.
  • Resource optimisation and energy improvements.
  • Manure treatment and environmental management.